Welcome to the Clayton Dental Office.  This website has been developed as a public service to acquaint potential guests with us.  We have designed and fortified a dental office that is dedicated to excellence, both in the disciplines of dental science and art, but also to constructing the greatest interpersonal relationships amongst ourselves, and our patients.

Our team is not only skilled, but uncompromising when it comes to those we serve.  This is why we have crafted such an office, assembled such an outstanding team, and instituted such cutting-edge technology.

Dr. Scott LaClair is very proud of his team and what they stand for, so they continue to expand their knowledge of the dental health field, constantly staying abreast of the latest techniques, without losing the skills they honed using the tried and tested standards that have made this profession great.  Please enjoy this website, because it is for you, the current or prospective patient that we have in mind.  Thank you for visiting.


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